Service Fees

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Activity                    Fee    
Checking Account Fees
Share Overdraft Protection Transfers – any item paper, electronic, debit or automated

$3 per transfer

Overdraft Privilege – any item paper, electronic, debit or automated

  $30 per item  

NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) 

$30 per item

Deposited Item Return

 $5 each on two-party checks; $30 each on single-party (Maker) checks

Stop Payment

$25 per request 

Collection Item 

$15 per Domestic item; $10 + cost per Foreign item 

On-line Check Imaging


Paper Check Copy

$1 per copy

Virtual Branch® Home Banking

FREE – Service disabled after 90-days non-use

Virtual Branch® Bill Pay

FREE – Service disabled after 90-days non-use

Temporary Checks

$1.50 for 3

 Non-member research
$50.00 an hour, minimum 1 hour. $4.00 per page printed.
Checking Account Monthly Service Charges
All Star Checking              

FREE with Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction

Five Star Checking

FREE with $300 minimum daily balance; $6/month if balance below $300

Silver Star Checking


1st Star Checking


Fresh Start Checking

$10/month Service Charge

Five Star PLUS Checking

FREE with $5,000 minimum daily balance; $10/month if balance below $5,000

Small Business Checking

FREE with $1,000 minimum daily balance; $20/month if balance below $1,000

Non-Profit Checking

FREE with $300 minimum daily balance; $6/month if balance below $300

Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)

Deposited Item Return

$5 each on two-party checks; $30 each on single-party (Maker) checks 



Paper Statement Copy

 $2 per statement per period

Account Printout

 $2 per printout

Bank Wire Transfer

Incoming – FREE

—-Domestic Outgoing

$15 per wire

—-International Outgoing

$50 per wire

Western Union Wire

$25 per wire

Money Orders

$2 per money order

VISA® Gift Cards

$3 per gift card

Cashier’s Checks

$3 per check

Statement Reconciliation

First Time – FREE

—-Each Subsequent Time

$20/hour (1 hour minimum)

Account Closure

$20 (if closed within 60 days of opening)

Inactivity Fee

$5/month after 12 months no activity (accounts with Share account only  & no other services); no charge on account holders under age 18

Electronic Transaction Fees
CONNEX-US Audio Response


VISA® Check Card


Transactions at AFCU ATMs


Point-Of-Sale & Check Card Transactions


Transactions at Non-AFCU ATMs

$1.50 each withdrawal or transfer

Balance Inquiry at ATM

$.50 each

Note: Surcharges may apply at non-AFCU ATMs. This is not a fee charged by AFCU.
Safe Deposit Box Rental Fees

 Box Size

 Annual Rental Fee

3 X 5


3 X 10


5 X 10


10 X 10


Key Deposit

$15 (refundable when both keys are returned at closing)

Drilling Fee

Varies based on Locksmith charges