Sonic Data Breach

September 27, 2017 news broke about yet another Data Breach at a very well known company throughout the United States.  The drive-in restaurant chain Sonic, is another company that was impacted by a Security Breach.

At Allied Federal Credit Union we strive to keep your data as safe as we possibly can. When dealing with third party companies, as all Financial Institutions do when they accept  debit/ credit transactions for merchants, there is a higher risk involved. For the intent of keeping any affected accounts, we will be issuing new debit cards to those members who may have been compromised. You will receive the new cards within a few days. Please activate the card upon receipt, and let us know, so we can deactivate your old card. All cards that are affected will be deactivated regardless of activation of the new card on November 13, 2017.

Thank you for allowing Allied Federal Credit Union to provide you with quality financial services.