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At Allied Federal Credit Union, we’re proud to be a member based, non-profit financial cooperative organized for the benefit of our members. Big banks have one purpose – to serve its stockholders and make a profit. Since AFCU is owned and operated by our members, we can keep member satisfaction and services as our top priority at our Mansfield and Arlington locations.

We’re here to serve you. From loans to savings, Allied Federal Credit Union offers better rates on savings accounts and lower rates on loans than big banks. Just one of the ways we work to promote thrift amongst our membership.

Along with loans, savings, and checking accounts, we provide our members with a full range of other financial services, including member education on financial disciplines. AFCU members can always feel free to come ask their financial questions.

Allied Federal Credit Union Services

If you’re interested in learning more about the financial services offered by Allied Federal Credit Union, visit our service pages:

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