Wire Transfer

Wiring money to or from AFCU is fast, safe, and secure. We offer both domestic and international wire transfers. Visit our Mansfield or Arlington offices or call us at (817) 856-4444 for details and wiring instructions required for incoming wires.

For outgoing wires, please contact the receiving financial institution and obtain their wiring instructions before calling AFCU, as this will expedite the process.

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

AFCU in not online with the Federal Reserve. We have a wiring relationship with a correspondent institution that provides our clients with secure wire transfers.

Allied Federal Credit Union wiring instructions for incoming wires:

Wire Funds To:
Catalyst Corporate FCU
Dallas, Texas
Routing/Transit Number: 311990511

For Credit To:
Allied Federal Credit Union
Account Number: 311977013

Final Credit:
Member’s Name
Member’s Account Number (Indicate Checking or Savings - Undesignated funds go into checking)

If you have any questions regarding our electronic transfers, contact us!

Wiring Instructions