Line of Credit & Personal Loans

Line of Credit

Your line of credit loan is a signature loan approved for a specific credit limit. It can be accessed as you need it by AFCU check, transfer or even through virtual branch home banking. As you make payments to reduce the outstanding balance, the limit again becomes available to borrow.

The line of credit may also serve as overdraft protection for your checking account to cover checks, Visa Check Card transactions, bill pay transactions and other automated payments.

Personal (Unsecured) Loans

Perhaps you have encountered an unexpected expense? Arlington FCU offers personal loans for just about any purpose and are as varied as your individual needs. Personal loans are best used for smaller purchases and short-term needs, but could also be used for debt consolidation of high-rate credit cards or to fund holiday purchases or vacations. Our credit union members have access to the best personal loans and competitive interest rates

Want a line of credit or personal loan through AFCU? Contact an AFCU representative today!