Share & Certificate Secured Loans

Need funds but don’t want to spend your savings or cash? Keep your savings intact to continue earning and compounding dividends with AFCU’s share secured loans. Borrow from yourself and save with a much lower interest rate than a signature or line of credit loan.

Regular and Money Market Shares

Use the funds on deposit in your credit union share accounts as collateral on your loan. Shares equal to the loan amount borrowed are pledged and are released as the loan amount is paid down. Instant loan approval as long as funds are on deposit with credit union have been collected.

Certificate of Deposit (CD’s)

Certificate secured loans allow you to borrow against your certificate investments while maintaining the earnings. The CD is pledged for the same loan amount requested. Funds must be on deposit with credit union for at least 10 business days for same day approval.

Credit Builder Loan

Whatever your goals, AFCU’s Credit Builder Loan can help you achieve them. A Credit Builder can help build or rebuild your credit history PLUS establish a good relationship with AFCU for the future.  Here’s how it works – The loan proceeds are deposited into your AFCU savings account and pledged as collateral. When your loan is paid in full, you have established credit with AFCU and also have $1,000 plus dividends in your savings account.

  • All applications are approved

  • No money is required

  • $1000 loan with a 12 month payback

  • All three credit bureaus are updated with your new payment history

AFCU can help you get back on track! Ask a loan representative about a credit builder loan today.